How to Achieve Gorgeous Gel Nails?

How to Achieve Gorgeous Gel Nails?

Some people cannot afford to go to a salon every time they want gel nails to be done. Others may not have enough time to visit a salon. But girls also want a shiny look on their nails without spending much. 

One may even not get proper time for themselves because they have to drop their children at art classes in Dubai. While others, may be seen busy because they have to go to art classes in Dubai for kids every now and then. 

But one does not needs to worry any more now. Yes, this is true because one can achieve gorgeous gel nails easily. In this regard, some of the top gel nails tips have been discussed below. Follow them to get beautiful gel nails within a few minutes. 

Cleaning Nails Properly

One before applying any sort of nail paint should clean their nails properly. The cuticle and all the sides of a nail should be cleaned properly. If this step is done properly then gel nails can be achieved within a few minutes. So you girls need to go through this step properly. 

Shake Gel Paint

Before applying gel nail paint it should be shaken properly. If this is not being done then it will not be applied properly on your nails. Gel nails are easy to achieve if the nail paint is shaken well before being applied. 

Apply Aquapho

One should apply lotion or Aquaphor around their cuticles. This should be done before any sort of nail paint is being applied. This is an important thing to be done so acetone does not dry away your cuticles. 

Short Strokes

An individual should apply gel nail paint in short strokes. Like this one can achieve a chic classy gel nail look. Nail paint does not spread out of one’s nails even if it is applied in short strokes. 

Free-edge Cap

The free edge where the nail paint is not applied should be capped properly. This means gel nail paint should be applied in the corners properly too. 

These are a few tips and tricks to achieve classy and gorgeous gel nails. Follow them and achieve your flawless nail look. They will surely give a glowing effect to an individual’s nails. So, do try out these top tricks and tips without having any sort of second thoughts.