5 Outdoor Clubs In Dubai That You Should Visit

5 Outdoor Clubs In Dubai That You Should Visit


Partying under the stars is one of the fast-rising trend in Dubai’s party scene. Instead of partying indoors, club owners and event organizers try to offer something new by taking the party outside. You can enjoy fresh air while dancing your heart out.

Here are the best outdoor clubs that you must visit when you are in Dubai:

  1. White Dubai


White Dubai is definitely one of the coolest party scene that you can’t miss. For the last three years, White Dubai won the prestigious spot as the number one partying spot in the city. It is located on the rooftop of Dubai’s Meydan. This party scene is quite exclusive and you need to dress appropriately to gain entry. If you want a hassle-free entry on its premises, it would be best to make a reservation. You can enjoy the sky-high futuristic party place while listening to artist who are there to perform and have fun.


  1. Barasti


Barasti is definitely considered as one of the oldest party place in Dubai and is quite known for its al fresco party style. This party place boast of live entertainment – from up and coming local acts to some of the known DJs and artists. Barasti is a party place that you cannot miss to visit, especially when they are hosting their end of season parties. These events are surely a party that you should go to.


  1. Zero Gravity


If you are looking to enjoy your hump day or go on a quick relaxing day off, Zero Gravity is the place to go to. Zero Gravity is one of the widely popular place for outdoor parties. But aside from their lively mid-week party, you can enjoy top-notch performances from world-class DJs. Zero Gravity is open to all kinds of partygoers and crowds.


  1. Drai’s


Drai’s beach club is considered as a fast-rising party scene in Dubai. If you are looking for a day-to-night party, this is definitely the place to go to. But the best thing about Drai’s is that, you can enjoy a good time and good music in their central plunge pool. If you prefer some privacy, you can rent one of the VIP cabanas and get to enjoy the party in the comforts of your own private space.



  1. Base Dubai


If you happen to visit the Dubai Design District, then be sure to go to Base Dubai. This party place boast of state-of-the-art lights and sounds equipment which elevates the party scene. Live acts and performances will give you a great party experience while enjoying the pyrotechnic.