Anxiety is now a very common psychological disorder. Most of the people usually get suffered with anxiety at some extent of their life. As the matter of fact, stressful life situations, such as inconsistent job, financial trouble, or any such stressing condition of life can result in anxiety disorder.

When the anxiety syndrome get eventually increased then those situations which triggers it will interfere in your life, it could become miserable. It is actually the symptom of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders are manageable, professional psychologist can easily manage it with therapy but the first thing is to determine the symptoms. Normally, the people living in Dubai seek psychologist Dubai for any of their psychological problem, and it is a very good step. Anxiety Dubai can easily get resolved if it’s in initial stages by therapy or it can get managed by proper medications.

Some of the very common but major symptoms of anxiety disorder are mentioned below;


Fatigue is strong symptom of anxiety disorder. Anxiety is connected with arousal or hyperactivity; in this regard fatigue could be surprising to some. Simply to some people fatigue would lead to anxiety attack and to others fatigue can be chronic.

The point to note is that fatigue is not only a symptom for anxiety; it could also lead to depression or any other medical or psychological issue. Only fatigue should not be considered to determine anxiety.

Trouble in Concentration:

Lots of people suffering from anxiety stated that they feel trouble in concentration. A study shows that most of people having anxiety syndrome had trouble in concentrating. The worse the anxiety gets the more trouble occurred in concentrating.

Generally, trouble concentrating could also be the sign of any different medical or psychological issue like attention deficit, depression or such other. In this regard it is not sufficient to diagnose anxiety.

Sleep Disturbance:

Anxiety syndrome is connected with sleep disturbance. The most reported issues regarding sleep for anxiety are; waking up during sleeping and facing difficulty to fall asleep. Some research also suggests that insomnia I early childhood can also cause anxiety later in life.

Insomnia and anxiety and potentially associated with each other so it is not clear that; insomnia causes anxiety or anxiety causes insomnia, or both of them contributes to each other. The point to consider is that when anxiety gets treated, insomnia also improves.