There are many health checkup packages Dubai based health professionals offer to the people so that different food allergies and sensitivities could be diagnosed among people.

Most professionals even advise going for an Elimination Diet as they help in identifying the different symptoms of food intolerances and allergies through a proper diet plan.

The registered allergist and dietitian Abu Dhabi prefers elimination diet too as it helps in removing certain foods that aren’t tolerated well.

That’s why we have come up with 6 things to know about Elimination Diet to help you understand more about how it works in identifying certain symptoms.

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  1. Alleviate Symptoms

Eliminate diet involves suspecting different types of foods for 5-6 weeks to identify the sensitivities in people by alleviating symptoms. The patient is tested with different types of food while looking for reactions to seeing which one contributes to their symptoms. Once the food is identified successfully, the doctor then advises the patient to eliminate that specific type of food from their regular diet so they don’t have to suffer anymore.

  1. Food Allergies

This diet plan is not effective for severe and known food allergies as it a short term diet that helps in identifying foods that aren’t tolerated well by the body. However, it can be used after taking getting a suggestion from medical health professionals.

  1. Phases of Diet

The diet has two phases, elimination, and reintroduction. The elimination phase alleviates the symptoms by suspecting different types of food such as fruits, nuts, wheat, eggs, and other food items. The other reintroduction phase helps in bringing back the eliminated food into your diet slowly.

  1. Symptoms

The symptoms could be related to different factors involved in the diet such as gluten, amines, caffeine, etc. However, the most common symptoms include insomnia, diarrhea, rashes, stomach or abdominal pain, bloating, fatigues, headaches, and many other symptoms.

  1. Common Foods

The foods that are commonly eliminated include nuts, meat, seafood, citrus fruits, dairy products, starchy foods, gluten-containing food, legumes, sugar, fructose, caffeine, and vegetables. It is also recommended to visit a registered dietitian first to seek advice from them before starting the elimination diet.

  1. Common Diets

There are many common diets included such as Low- FODMAP and fasting elimination diet. Apart from that, there are different types of diet plans too such as few foods or rare foods elimination diet plan. Elimination Diet has several benefits and helps in diagnosing and fighting different types of food symptoms in your body.