If you are thinking to buy a residential real estate property then it’s important for you to do complete research. Before hiring any real estate agent, you can look for properties with certain characteristics. Mostly you would prefer a place that is close to the place where you live to keep check and balance and also to be around more.

Here are some features that you should keep in mind before getting tables for rent in Dubai or getting to know about furniture rentals in Dubai or rental property:

  • Determining a key location is an important step because that decides what kind of tenants you want to attract. If you are purchasing a property near university or college then mostly vacancies are filled by students.
  • Determine property taxes of the area that you are targeting. If you target an area in which long term tenants are available then high tax rates are not an issue. But property taxes vary from area to area. Municipal assessments tell about property taxes and one should always review them. One should determine if the future property taxes will increase that is often more than rental amount. 
  • If the target area is near schools then one should look for family sized houses. If you want to eventually sell this property later then check the quality of local schools as it decides the selling amount. 
  • Check the crime rate in your target area because no one wants to rent a house in such area. Local police and library of that area have the records of crime statistics.
  • Check the target area have opportunities for jobs. You can check with public library to determine the rate of jobs availability in that area. If a business company is moving to that area or is already located there then tenants’ rate will increase in that area.
  • Look for parks, cinemas, theatres, gyms and transport stations in your target area to attract more tenants in that area.
  • Check out future plans for target area. The municipal planning department have all the details of future plans of that area regarding construction. 
  • Check out vacancy rates in target area. If it has high vacancy rates with low rents then more tenants will be attracted to your property.
  • Determine the average rent of target area. The rent should be enough to help you pay taxes and other expenses. If the area is affordable now but if there is a chance the tax may increase in future then may result into bad investment. 
  • Look for insurance if the area is prone to natural disaster.