The country consists of nine regions. Each region has its own culture, traditions and characteristics that make them unique and different from each other. London is the most populated city of Europe and also one of the most popular cities in the world.

If you are planning to secure your UK visa to Abu Dhabi or apply for US visa from Abu Dhabi, then you should visit all these places during your trip:

  • China Town is an area present at the east end of London. In early 20th century Chinese came to London to set up business and most of them were Chinese sailors who stayed at dockland area. After World War II many immigrants from Hong Kong came and settle in East end of London. And gradually the Chinese cuisine in that area became speciality by opening a number of restaurants. Now Chinese food in London can be found in China Town.
  • Cambridge University is one of the oldest universities in the world. It was built in 1209. It has 31 colleges with thousands of students enrolled. A Masterpiece of architecture is present in Trinity College. There is a Little Chapel that is pretty old but beautifully built.
  • A beautiful horticultural theme park called The Eden project is in Cornwall. Beautiful landscapes with artistic artwork define this Park. Botanical reservoir are also present in this park.
  • Maritime mercantile, city of Liverpool is one of the old cities. One could look for historic sites and docklands. Few centuries back, emigrants moved to United States and immigrants from various countries entered UK through this city.
  • The most popular and mysterious stone circle is present in Wiltshire. Many curious tourists from all over the world visit this site. People have different theories about the existence of these stones that have been standing for 5000 years.
  • There are so many places in Central London to visit. One could walk through Gardens under the London Eye while looking at Big Ben and other official buildings. On your walk-through Central London, you will pass by many historical places.
  • A town called Whitstable is in Kent. It has food stalls in front of a beach. It is a great place to visit with friends and family just to hang out and relax. One can enjoy delicious food with an amazing view.
  • If you are a die-hard Harry Potter fan then you must visit leavesden studios where most of the movies are filmed. One code look at all those places where the movie was shot like the great hall, Diagon alley, all the original costumes and props used in the movie. One could also look at the special effects given in the movie.