Sciences is the most difficult, yet the most interesting subject to teach. There are many ways to make it interesting but only few teachers use them. However, they are not difficult to apply. All you have to do is to play smartly. 

Do you want to know such ways and techniques?  If yes then scroll down and read the ways. 

Technology: Don’t oppose technology. Try to incorporate them in your lectures and classes. Ask your students to bring tabs and phones in class. Make them to download or install different applications and books in their gadgets. Try to explain them different topics via them. In this way, it will become easier to explain them different lessons. By using technology and applications, you can explain them the topic of growing fresh vegetables in Dubai like deserted areas. Besides this, you can teach them about oxidation and physics laws by using different game and videos. You can even install big screen in classroom to make the class more attractive and engaging. 

Practicality: Instead of teaching them via lectures and notes, try to add some practicality. For example, don’t teach them vertical farming UAE via lectures, teach them vertical farming by making them to do this in school’s garden and lawn with their friends and group members. Similarly, give them projects to make small machines and models to teach them physics and chemistry. In this way, they will learn more. They will understand better because human mind needs the support of sight. When the sight sees the application of learned information, it will get tired or fixed in all areas of brain for long time. 

Fun: You can even add some fun in sciences too. Like you can teach them newton’s laws of physics by playing cricket or football with them. In this way, they can learn friction and understand the concept of force and laws too. Besides this, the match will also teach them biology and chemistry too because they will sweat and there are reasons to have sweating while playing. 

Discussion: Try to discuss the topics with them instead of giving them lectures. In this way, they will develop interest and most importantly, there will the two way passage of information which will connect the whole class and increase tolerance and acceptance.

Other than study: You can discuss something out of the course and books. You can discuss current developments and researches going on in biology and physics. You can discuss different species of Homosapiens and so on. Don’t limit the class to books. It will make the class boring and don’t let them students develop interest in science.