When it comes to installing window tint on your car, you may enjoy number of benefits like cooler interior, glare from the sun, get better privacy and security and protection from dangerous rays. There are many choices when you decide to install windows tint.

You need to choose best option for your car that suite your car and budget. 

Every type of windows tinting has their own benefits such as dyed window tint has different benefits from other car tinting. In this article we will talk about different kinds of tinting.

Let’s have look different kinds of windows tinting.

Dyed windows tint:

This is one of the most common windows tinting in Dubai. It blocks almost 50% sunlight from entering inside the car. These tints absorb the heat into the glass. It is made by layer of dyed polyester which is sandwich of adhesive layer and scratch resistant hard coat. This is not reflective and it does not interfere with radio waves. But UV rays can break down the dye and your tint will be needed to replace.

Metalized window tint:

In this tint there is involve number of layers, one layer is made by metal film that reflects the heat and almost 40 % of sunlight. Metal layer improves the window shatter resistance; it keeps you safe from broken glass in accident. One of the major advantage of metal window film as compare to dyed film is that it is more durable and reliable.

Metal film does not fade like dye film. But one thing that is negative about metal window tint is it has tendency to interfere with GPS transmission and phone signal.

Hybrid window tint: 

This is the best option for window tint. In this tint there is layer of dyed tint with metalized film. This is very affordable option for car tinting. It protects from high quality UV rays; this window tint is so much durable and long lasting. There is no electronic interference than metalized film. This window film is not so much dark and also offer natural shade look.

Ceramic tinting tint:

This tint is work similar to metalized film. But in this film there are no metal particles. In this window film there is nonconductive ceramic particles that will not interfere with electronic equipment such as phone, radio etc. and this film have highest quality resistance of UV rays. Visit www.agefilms.com/ for further details.